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How does a pre-owned bike become 'used approved'.

28 October 2013

We are partners with the who make sure our bikes are in good shape and fit for the COG warranty we provide. They start with a basic safety check. Even if the bike is given to us as 'brand new' we still give it the once over. These are the steps we go through, and are essential checks for anyone buying a used or pre-owned bike.

  1. Check brakes and gears to ensure all working as expected. 
  2. Check the chain and cassette and assess the life left using a 'chain checker'.
  3. Check pads for wear and cables for stretch, fray and rust. 
  4. Check the frame to make sure there are no cracks or damage.
  5. Ensure fork and headset are sound and that there is no inappropriate movement in the headset.
  6. Check the bottom bracket and crankset don't have any inappropriate movement.
  7. Check wheels and hubs, ensuring spokes are tight and complete. Check wheels are true. Check no inappropriate movement in the hubs.
  8. Check tyres for wear and tear and ensure at right pressure.

If faulty parts are discovered we assess the economics of replacing or fixing versus the re-sale value before going ahead. A bargain buy quickly becomes an almighty duff purchase if the safety check isn't done and money needs to be spent making the bike good, or even worse it's not road worthy.

We wouldn't fix cracks to carbon parts as that's a specialist job that only a few people in the country are capable of doing adequately. We think the cost and hassle of fixing carbon cracks is rarely worth it.

Check our pricing page and you can see why it can make a lot of sense to use LCE to access the second hand market for performance bikes.

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