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Titanium with a twist...

17 November 2014

This time of year people look for suitable alternatives to their racy, maybe aggressive, maybe expensive 'summer best' bike (all relative to the individual of course).
We've been getting lot's of requests for Titanium framed pre-owned bikes over the last month. It makes sense as they are generally more relaxed in geometry with a longer wheel base, therefore better for the time of year when you are less likely to be throwing the bike around corners. The material itself is also more forgiving than carbon so the added challenges of winter roads are absorbed better.
Titanium is also a great second hand product as it is renowned for it's longevity with most manufacturers providing lifetime warranties that can be passed through the generations of ownership (unlike carbon where you struggle to get a warranty recognised if you are second owner). 
So a Ti bike is a great second hand product that we try and get our hands on when we see good value. If you have one you want to sell let us know.
We were lucky to come across a Titanium bike with a real wow factor the other day. This Lynskey Helix. A very distinctive frame design that brings it closer to the carbon race breed than the sportive comfort ride we usually see with Ti. Read the review from bike radar...
Take a look at our one>>>>
Lynsky Helix Titanium , half price.

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