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The Colnago Family

24 June 2014

 We’re starting to build up quite a stable of Colnago bikes. It’s no coincidence that as ‘pre-owned’ specialists our biggest contingent of steeds is indeed the brand that holds dearest to cycling connoisseur's. Colnagos, if looked after are timeless machines that hold their value the most out of any brand and in some cases can appreciate in value. We LOVE buying them and will never turn a well looked after one away. Seeing that Ace of Clubs symbol cut into the frame of a steel beauty puts it into it’s own category of ‘vintage’.

Through the years pretty much every edition of Ernesto’s bikes have brought swoons from their fans. Although some manufacturing has now moved to the Far East all the ones we have were indeed ‘made in Italy’ including our latest Master X-Light modern steel classic. We hope you like our Colnago family.


The 1982 steel Colnago 


Colnago CT1 Titanium and Carbon 


 Colnago Lampre Alloy












 Colnago C40

The C40 was first introduced to the peloton in the 1996 Giro. When Italian rider Franco Ballerini won the Paris Robaix cobblestone race in 1998 it was a defining moment as the bike seemed to glide across the rough terrain. The carbon frameset had rock-solid lug construction, a ground breaking star fork, refined tubing and – as seen in the C50 - the celebrated ‘B-Stay’, Colnago’s stiffened seat-stay design.




Colnago C50


Colnago C50 












Colnago C50 Dura Ace Anniversary  


 The Master X-Light Art Decor

Back to steel.  Colnago remade this 80’s superbike in 2013 to mark its 30th Anniversary. It matches the original bar an updated fork steerer and is custom made in Italy including a paint job that takes days to complete.



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